AnalysisRule - ConfigString

Discussion created by neilg on Oct 14, 2011
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Hi All,


I am new to PI Notifications and am figuring my way into programatically creating Notifications.


I wanted to find out where I can find out all the parameters which can be passed into the config string for an Analysis rule to implement different conditions.


(Operator=LessThan; TargetValue=0; Targetvaluetype =Numeric)


The above is all I can see from the samples.


Also, is there any comprehensive documentation around each of the objects and what their purposes/roles are (conditiongroups, analysisruleplugins, Sequential analysis rule instances, etc)? I am able to get it all working using the sample code provided but it would be great if there was some documentation which explained in detail what the purpose of each of these objects are.


Thanking you for any information or guidance in advance.




Thanks, Neil.