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    PI AF tag issue


      Hello All, 


      Am having this error " Method not found: 'Void PISDK._PIData.set_RetrievalAttributes(PISDKCommon.NamedValues)' The error comes for data points originating from PI" on creating the AF tag. Can anyone help on this. 



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          Rick Davin

          Hi Bill,


          I'm a wee bit confused here.  The subject line has "AF tag" and your brief problem says it again.  This suggests to me that you should be using AF SDK.  Yet you are trying to reference a PI SDK method and using PISDKCommon objects.  Are you making a hybrid app that includes both PI SDK and AF SDK?  Or is your intention to make an AF SDK app only and you would want to know the AF SDK equivalent of the PI SDK method?

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            can you share someotehr detaisl like the tag config string etc