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Online Training: Building Asset Hierarchies with PI AF Online Course May 2017 Run - Introduce Yourself

Discussion created by Nick Pabo-Eulberg on May 10, 2017
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Welcome to the Building Asset Hierarchies with PI AF online course!


My name is Nick and I will be your facilitator for this session of the Building Asset Hierarchies with PI AF online course. I am a Field Service Engineer out of the OSIsoft HQ office in San Leandro, CA. As a Field Service Engineer I have taught all of our public classes, created course content (including the Building Advanced Displays, with PI ProcessBook online course), and led AF workshops. I am excited to be with you all as you work through this course!


Please take a moment and introduce yourself in this thread so that I and everyone else in the class can learn about you, your experiences with the PI System, and what goals you are looking to accomplish through this course.


As you work through the course please feel free to share thoughts or question here or email me at