Missing Exception at UpdateValue method

Discussion created by UlrichSchneider on Oct 14, 2011
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I am using the UpdateValue method on the Data-property of a PIPoint. I am passing a value with a specific timestamp synchronous to a tag. On a specific constellation the UpdateValue method succeeds with the call but it shouldn't succeed from my point of view.


The constellation looks like the following:
- A current archive which is from (let's say) 1st of October 2011 to now
- Older archives which are full of 97% from 1st of January 2011 to 30th September 2011
- A new tag created on 14th of October 2011


When I am passing some values to that new created tag with the UpdateValue method and the timestamp 19th of September 2011 the method succeeds (no error). I can see at the Archive Editor in the SMT that there is some value available. But after a while (some minutes) the value in the archive is gone and I see some Message Logs, that some values could not be written to archive.


Of course there is a problem to write such values to the past, because we have an old archive (not the current one) and the older archive does not know about the new tag. But why the UpdateValue-method succeeds in that case? The other method "UpdateValues" act the same as UpdateValue (PIErrors collection is empty).


How I need to write data to PI and get exceptions when the data gets not stored in the archive?


Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks.