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    Asset Comparison Table - Use currently selected element for display as search root


      Hi all,


      Can someone help me figure out how to customize the Asset Comparison Table symbol (or duplicate it as a custom symbol) so that it can use the currently selected asset for the display as the search root for the collection?


      Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

      -I have a PI Vision display for a building. On this display I have a table showing rollup calculation results for all of the HVAC equipment in that building. This display is element relative, so I am able to change it using the drop down at the top of the page.

      -Each building element that is defined in the AF hierarchy has a number of child element representing the individual HVAC equipment.

      -OK, back to my display. Under the first table I have placed an Asset Comparison Table that I want to have populated with the child elements of the building (which are the HVAC equipment)

      -I have set the Asset Comparison Table as a Collection.  Within the Collection, I specify the template for the HVAC equipment and also the Search Root.  Let's assume I am in edit mode with Building A as my element for the display, I set this search root to Building A.

      -The problem comes when I switch my element from Building A to any other building.  All symbols on the display will refresh with the values for the newly selected building, but the Asset Comparison Table still shows the HVAC equipment for Building A due to the Search Root not being dynamic.


      How can I make the Search Root auto-update to the selected element??

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          Hi Kenneth,


          The asset drop-down doesn't support changing the search root but this can be done in other ways. There is a new URL parameter called rootpath that can be used or you can configure a symbol to be a navigational link and use it to set the search root. For example, you could create a second asset comparison table and configure it to list out each of the elements you want to use as search roots. You can then add a navigational link to this symbol so that when you click one of the elements listed, that element automatically gets set as the search root of the display. I'm not sure if the pre-release version you are running includes these features yet, but they will be available in the release which coming very soon.