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PI-OLEDB-Enterprise TransposeFunction limited to 1 template

Question asked by HansBleijendaal on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by HansBleijendaal

The transpose function in PI-OLEDB-enterprise is very promising and can be very usefull for us in the reportgeneration.

Unfortunately this function is limited to 1 element-template, as far as I understand.

In our AF database we build up the templated based on derived-templates.

As example, we start with a simple template "ProductContaining", which contains only 2 attributes: "content" and "producttype".

When later another element needs a temperature we create an derived template "ProductContainingWithTemperature".

The PI-OLEDB software recognizes this as 2 seperate templates that have attributes "content" and "Producttype".

I am not able to use the transpose function to transform all the elements and the attributes "content" and "producttype" from both templates in one table.


All I want is a table with all the elements populated that has the attribute "content' and "producttype", both attributes in seperate column and filled with that last value.


How to deal with this?

Is there a way to bypass this problem with SQL?

Should I change the architecture of AF?  How ?


Below a screenshot of our current (derived) templates: