AF Datareference roadmap

Discussion created by aldorexbraam on Oct 17, 2011
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I have been using AF and competing products in various implementations and I have a question regarding the overall AF datareference roadmap....


I started using AF round 2007, one of the things I noted then, and still see lacking, is a standard set of industry connectors for external datasources. 


At that time we had to implement these connectors ourselves, in the expectation we would be caught up by the industry.....


Now 4 years later I am still looking for  technology connectors like SOAP/REST webservices datareferences but also industry connectors like SAP/MIMOSA, LIMS etc. 


I can sort of see where this is coming from since it touches on a fundamental shortcoming in AF (at least in my opion): AF lacks an industry strength cache and chaching strategies. So by supporting such a datareference OSI can't give any performance indications/guaranties anymore.


So my question is this:


Can  anybody give some information on the roadmap wrt. a generic caching strategy for datareferences and support for more 'flavours' of datareferences.




Aldo Braam 


Production Intelligence Engineer