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Programmatic UOM

Question asked by mikespath on May 16, 2017
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I'm wondering how to programatically set the UOM for an AFAttribute Template

Code below is what I'm using. The variable dst.Unit is just a string like "g/m", "sec.", etc..


string strFullParName = dst.ParamName;

                var atExists = db.ElementTemplates[dst.TemplateName].AttributeTemplates[strFullParName];

                if (atExists == null)


                    AFAttributeTemplate Myattributetemplate = myElemTemplate.AttributeTemplates.Add(strFullParName);

                    Myattributetemplate.DefaultUOM = MyPISystem.UOMDatabase.UOMs[dst.Unit];



                    Myattributetemplate.DataReferencePlugIn = AFDataReference.GetPIPointDataReference(MyPISystem);

                    Myattributetemplate.ConfigString = @"\\%Server%\%Element%.%Attribute%";



                    // setup limits for Attribute

                    AddLimitToAttribute(myElemTemplate, Myattributetemplate, dst.HiHi, LimitType.HIHI, dst.ParamName);


I can add one Attribute Template with % no problem

But when I try sec.

I get:

FAILS when I execute the line limitHiHi.Trait = AFAttributeTrait.LimitHiHi; below

if (myElemTemplate.AttributeTemplates[AFAttributeTrait.LimitHiHi.Abbreviation] == null)


                            AFAttributeTemplate limitHiHi = Myattributetemplate.AttributeTemplates.Add(AFAttributeTrait.LimitHiHi.Abbreviation);

                            limitHiHi.Trait = AFAttributeTrait.LimitHiHi;

                            limitHiHi.SetValue(dValue, limitHiHi.DefaultUOM);