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Copying display objects between tabs in Google Chrome

Question asked by Tomas Stark Champion on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 21, 2017 by sraposo



in Google Chrome it is possible to have two or more tabs open with displays in edit mode and be able to copy display objects between the displays. This doesn't work so well in Internet Explorer though.


A good thing is also that it is not only the graphical part of the object that is copied, but also the multi-state settings and the URL if it is a text object with a URL attached.


However, there seems to be some limit to how many objects can be copied at once, and I wonder if someone knows if this is a limitation in Google Chrome (some parameter that may be adjusted by the user?) or has something to do with PI Coresight.


We still use the PI Coresight 2016 version, but will upgrade to PI Vision 2017 in the next coming weeks.