Unable to access SCM Manager error

Discussion created by aidan.hollier on Oct 24, 2011
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Hi all,




I am having a problem with retrieving data from PI onto an internal webpage using the SDK. I have coded a test page in ASP and all is working however the first time I access the webpage I receive the following error :


pisdk.dllerror '800404e5'


Unable to access SCM Manager.  5


Refreshing the webpage clears this error and it displays as expected. Can anyone suggest why the initial connection may be failing? There is also a considerable delay (~5 seconds) to retrieve the value when the page is working.




We are using IIS6 running on Win Server 2003, PI-SDK 1.3.3.


I am using the following code:


<%@ Language=VBScript %><HTML>


set pisdk = Server.CreateObject ("PISDK.PISDK")
set srv = pisdk.Servers ("pi_server_name")

Dim spinningReserve
spinningReserve_tag = "SRAVAILABLE.CPV"
set spinningReserve = srv.PIPoints (spinningReserve_tag)


Response.Write("<br> Spinning Reserve: " & spinningReserve.Data.Snapshot.Value)




Thanks for the help!