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    Unable to access SCM Manager error


      Hi all,




      I am having a problem with retrieving data from PI onto an internal webpage using the SDK. I have coded a test page in ASP and all is working however the first time I access the webpage I receive the following error :


      pisdk.dllerror '800404e5'


      Unable to access SCM Manager.  5


      Refreshing the webpage clears this error and it displays as expected. Can anyone suggest why the initial connection may be failing? There is also a considerable delay (~5 seconds) to retrieve the value when the page is working.




      We are using IIS6 running on Win Server 2003, PI-SDK 1.3.3.


      I am using the following code:


      <%@ Language=VBScript %><HTML>


      set pisdk = Server.CreateObject ("PISDK.PISDK")
      set srv = pisdk.Servers ("pi_server_name")

      Dim spinningReserve
      spinningReserve_tag = "SRAVAILABLE.CPV"
      set spinningReserve = srv.PIPoints (spinningReserve_tag)


      Response.Write("<br> Spinning Reserve: " & spinningReserve.Data.Snapshot.Value)




      Thanks for the help!

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          Ahmad Fattahi

          It looks very much like you hit this known issue. Unfortunately, there is currently no work around or fix for the problem. Can you force a refresh automatically to go beyond the first try? Also, you may want to consider other Data Access technologies like PI Web Services.

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              Thanks for the reply Ahmad, that looks exactly like the issue.


              My initial thought was to use PI Web Services but I had trouble finding any good demo code.


              For anyone else trying to work around the issue I used the following code:


              On Error Resume Next
                   set piserver = pisdk.Servers("pi_server_name")
              if Err.Number<>0 Then
                   set piserver = pisdk.Servers("pi_server_name")
              end if




              All this does is try the connection again if it fails. Its a bit of a dirty hack but it works.

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                  Ahmad Fattahi

                  Thanks for closing the loop on this Aidan. Looks like this is the way to go at this time until the fix arrives.


                  As for PI Web Services, there are many training and users manual documentations available on vCampus. For example, there is a tutorial on the Training tab called "PI Web Services". Also, the documentation in vCampus Library contains lot s of examples.