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Avoid switching to Primary collective member when there is a lot of data in the buffer

Question asked by fmina on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by tmcmanus



if the Primary member of a Data Collective (SRV01) is down (due to maintenance or any other reason), the Secondary (SRV02) is elected as the (only) active member. At this point, the Interface starts buffering data to SRV01. After a long period of time, when SRV01 is back online, it becomes immediately the new Primary server and all the clients will start using it to read data even if the buffer is still flushing data to SRV01. Sicne this process could take a long period of time, depending on the downtime period, in my opinion it would be nice if SRV01 was elected as the new Primary only if the buffer is empty (or at least if it contains less than an X number of events), oherwise users could be connected to a server with old data.


Did you have any experience of this behaviour? Have you ever been in this situation?


Thanks a lot for your help