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RtReport Iteration and selection of a specific value

Question asked by zgallisa on May 23, 2017
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I am having some trouble selecting a specific value I need for a table in RtReports.


Right now I am Iterating in the Properties (Under Events) to look for a <Property Descriptor=24105>"Parameter1"


This is my Iteration:

BatchJournal/UnitBatchJournals/UnitBatchJournal/JournalEvents/JournalEvent[Name="Batch Events"]/TerminalStates/TerminalState[StateName="Direct Action"]/JournalEntries/JournalEntry/Results/Result/Value/TraceSet/Events/Properties


and my condition:



In my Data (This is My source):

Property[@Descriptor="24106"] ( were the value resides)


The iteration is working and I am viewing two values for this Property.  SO that's ok...

The thing is that now I just need the last value or at least one of them and I've been trying using last() and position() in my iteration and source but nothing.


I'll appreciate any help or guidance since I am running out of ideas.


Thanks in advance.