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    AFSDK.NET / tlb File for Use with Excel VBA




      Is there  a .tlb file available to use the AFSDK dll with Excel VBA?


      Alternately, how does one go about using the AFSDK with Excel?





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          John Messinger

          Hi Calman,


          You would need to use the AF Wrapper (or create your own) to access AF SDK functionality in Excel VBA. Like ProcessBook, the issue here is that the AF SDK is a .NET library, and VBA uses COM technology. There is a document here that discusses how to use the AF Wrapper in ProcessBook - the process will be the same for Excel. The linked article also includes a Download Centre link to the AF Wrapper project. It's a fairly basic wrapper, and you can extend it to add additional functionality from the AF SDK as required for your project.




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              Rick Davin

              Here's my comments about the AFWrapper Example:


              The AFWrapper.DLL is a learning tool and not a complete product for a production environment.  It is offered as-is.  The intended audience for this download is experienced .NET developers interested in reviewing an example prototype that demonstrates how to create a COM-based add-in using .NET and PI AF SDK in Visual Studio.  The AFWrapper is not intended to be downloaded by experienced VBA programmers with a beginner’s level of .NET experience.  The DLL as-is performs only a few basic PI AF SDK calls.  Significant time and resources may be required depending upon the level of customization you wish to include for your business needs.

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