Tie BatchView Trend Overlays to Batch State

Discussion created by jchapin on Oct 26, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2011 by Ahmad Fattahi

Using BatchView in ProcessBook has proven to be a very powerful tool for comparing batches by using the ability to quickly overlay PI data.  The ability to align batches to SubBatches has also been very helpful in lining batches up based on start times of Batches/SubBatches.  What seems to be the one missing piece is the ability to overlay data only when the Batch/SubBatch state is a gievn value (e.g. active).  I have been able to do this using DataLink by setting a filter that looks for the state to be active which works really well.  However, this proves to be very cumbersome as I am constantly resizing data fields, copying and pasting and filling, and it is not very good for viewing active batches.  For the batches that we need to compare it is very common for them to go to hold multiple times during the batch, which offsets the overlay.  Has anyone found an effective way to handle batch states when overlaying data?  Can this be done programmatically?