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    Accessing the VLE


      I'm following the procedures to access the VLE but it keeps saying that i have no session available at this time.

      Has anyone had the same problem? What should do now?

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          Hi Vitor,

          Are you seeing this?

          You should be able to click on My Subscription tab near My Session to Launch a Virtual machine.



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              After the launch , you must confirm with your IT dept than you firewall can accept connection for specific domain and port number.

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                  You can find the specific system requirements for the OSIsoft VLE on this page: OSIsoft VLE - What are the system requirements

                  The Virtual Learning Environment is composed of virtual machines hosted on Microsoft Azure that you can access remotely. In order to access these virtual machines you will need the following:

                  • A network connection with 1 Mbps of bandwidth available per user
                  • A Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Client
                  • Access the domain cloudapp.net where the machines are hosted. A typical connection string has the form cloudservicename.cloudapp.net:xxxxx, where the cloud service name is specific to a group of virtual machines and xxxxx is a port in the range 60000-60050. Therefore users connecting to Azure virtual machines must be allowed to connect to the domain *.cloudapp.net throughout the port range 60000-60050. If you cannot connect, check your company firewall policies and ensure that you can connect to this domain on the required ports

                  You can test your connection by downloading one of the following zip files and following the instructions in the readme file contained in them.

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                Hi Vitor ,

                I do not see you in the list of subscribers yet. Have you followed step 1 of the VLE access document?

                The VLE registration page for this course is: https://learning.osisoft.com/Course/Details?id=11861

                Please let me know if you still have any issues with VLE.

                - Joey

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