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PI SDK Authentication, Connects to one PI server using Windows Security but not to another??

Question asked by maguirej on May 25, 2017

Hi Guys,


I'm connecting remotely to one PI Server using PI SDK Utility using Windows Security authentication and thats fine.

If I try to connect to another PI server in the exact same way, I get Exception: Login Failed. I can only connect to this PI server through the SDK Utility if I use PI Trust authentication.


I've been through the local users and groups on both PI servers and they are pretty much identical.

I've also been through all Security setting in SMT tools for both servers and they are both setup identically as far as users/groups/mapping/trusts are concerned.


Is there something I'm missing here? The reason I need to fix this is that currently remote users can only connect to this PI server using this PI trust which basically offers full administrative

access to the PI Server.


Thanks in advance Guys.



Found tthe issue: In the PI SDK Utility, I didn't have the fully qualified network name for the Network Node entered. Just the machine name. Once I corrected

this, it worked using Windows Security Authentication.