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Reference Types with Event Frames

Question asked by ZArnold1 on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2017 by ZArnold1

"Zev," I think to myself, "you should really lock down that Event Frame Template with a Reference Type so that it's clear what Element Template it is relevant to."

"Well," I think back to myself, "that sounds reasonable.  After all, the Event Frame Template makes some pretty intransigent assumptions about what attributes are hosted in the Element it's referencing."


So, I create two Element Templates and an Event Frame Template:

And a Reference Type for the Parent Element - Child Element relationship and another for the Child Element - Event Frame relationship:


When creating the Child Element, I see my Reference Type available just as I expected:


But now this is odd.  When I go to create my Event Frame, I'm not presented with the Reference Type I expected.  Rather, the Reference Type I created the Element with is listed with, of course, no Event Frames listed.


Why is the Element's Reference Type listed when I create the Event Frame and why is the Reference Type for my Event Frame Template not available?