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    OSIsoft.AF.PI.PIException: [-11068] Failed to get primary archive




      I have a C# WPF app that currently selects Pi points and displays attributes in a grid control. I'm no trying to add functionality to create new Pi Points. I ran into an error and so resorted to creating a simple unit test that executes the following code I pulled from OsiSoft's GitHub repo (https://github.com/osisoft/PI-AF-SDK-Basic-Samples/blob/master/ExamplesLibrary/PIPointExamples/CreatePIPointsExample.cs ):



      PIServers piServers = new PIServers();

      PIServer piServer = piServers["<AFSERVER>"];


      // Use PICommonPointAttributes so we don't have to remember the strings for point attributes.

      string floatpoint = "sample_floatpoint";

      Dictionary<string, object> floatpoint_attributes = new Dictionary<string, object>();

      floatpoint_attributes.Add(PICommonPointAttributes.PointClassName, "classic");

      floatpoint_attributes.Add(PICommonPointAttributes.Descriptor, "Hello floating world");

      floatpoint_attributes.Add(PICommonPointAttributes.PointType, "float32");


      string digitalpoint = "sample_digitalpoint";

      Dictionary<string, object> digitalpoint_attributes = new Dictionary<string, object>();

      digitalpoint_attributes.Add(PICommonPointAttributes.PointClassName, "classic");

      digitalpoint_attributes.Add(PICommonPointAttributes.Descriptor, "Hello digital world");

      digitalpoint_attributes.Add(PICommonPointAttributes.PointType, "digital");

      digitalpoint_attributes.Add(PICommonPointAttributes.DigitalSetName, "modes");


      Dictionary<string, IDictionary<string, object>> pointDict = new Dictionary<string, IDictionary<string, object>>();

      pointDict.Add(floatpoint, floatpoint_attributes);

      pointDict.Add(digitalpoint, digitalpoint_attributes);


      AFListResults<string, PIPoint> results = piServer.CreatePIPoints(pointDict);



      Trouble is, when I query the result collection, I find the following error:

      System.ArgumentException: [-11068] Failed to get primary archive

      Parameter name: FatalError ---> OSIsoft.AF.PI.PIException: [-11068] Failed to get primary archive


      What do I need to do to resolve please?