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PI Tag Data Patch - between a certain Time Frame

Question asked by Muthulingam on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by Vinit_Shah

Morning guys,

How do I Patch a set of missing PI Tag Data (from a New Tag) into another PI Tag (Old Tag) both using the same Instrument Tag.

This new Tag was created (by another person) to correct the Instrument Tag (Old Instrument Tag was running on an obsolete version of Modicon Modbus Serial Communication Protocol which was migrated directly into DCS)... Yes, technically, he should have just updated the Old Tag with the New Instrument Tag, but that didn't happen...

PI Tag
New Instrument Tag
Old Tag26LT10626LT106/PV_D.CVPrevious had an old Instrument Tag which was decommissioned, replaced with new Instrument Tag recently
New Tag26LT-10626LT106/PV_D.CVNew Tag created (using similar new Instrument Tag)


Now there are 2 Tags with the Same Instrument Tag, but the Old Tag has crucial Historical Data, so I want to Patch the missing High Frequency Data during the Downtime (about 3 Months) into the Old Tag and delete the New Tag (which is Redundant).


I am currently extracting the High Frequency Data (3 Months worth) from the New PI Tag using PI Data Link and then I patch it to the Old PI Tag using the 'piexam64' Patch File to input the values into the PI Data Archive Server.

But, this process is taking too long and I can't seem to input more than 10,000 Rows of Data (Timestamp, Data Item, Value) per entry. If I try more than that, the system hangs.

I have more than 1.5 Million rows of Data stream per Tag.


My Question:


  1. Is there another easier way to input the High Frequency Data directly to the PI Data Archive let's say via SQL Query or something? or...
  2. Is there an easier way to link these 2 Tags via PI SMT or PI Processbook?