PI OLEDB Enterprise 2010 R3

Discussion created by aabrodskiy on Oct 26, 2011
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I noticed there is an upcoming release of PI OLEDB Enterprise on the RoadMap with support of LEFT OUTER JOINs - that is great and much needed functionality!


I would like to suggest another small but highly demanded feature to add into that release, if still possible.


When we query Snapshot or Archive tables, we can specify IGNORE ERRORS, EMBED ERRORS in the OPTION of the query, and thus avoid query failing when there are any problems in some of the attributes in the snapshot/archive (e.g. formula isn't calculating, wrong tag name in a PI Point DR, etc).


Can we use the same options on a global level, by specifying them in the connection string, as it was done with ALLOW EXPENSIVE?


That way we could query Snapshot/Archive directly from SQL via Linked Server without the need to use passquery...


Currently using OPENQUERY and dynamic SQL + supplying parameters into dynamic SQL slows down our solution a lot. Given that overall performance when working with remote data in SQL isn't great, I am trying to gain any performance boost possible.


Thank in advance.






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