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Event frame hierarchy with late binding

Question asked by night2day on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by night2day

Hello community,


i have a specific problem to build up a hierarchy on event Frames as it is simply able with event frame generator on a batch like structure.

Problem is, that a higher priorisised event is written later with a historical timestamp.


For example:

Two entities (article and lot)


I need to have a structure like



     - lot

     - lot

     - lot




Unfortunately the tag for article is written AFTER all lots are written, because the naming depends on things witch are unclear at the starttime.

With the right timestamp before the lots but too late.


With this circumstances it is not possible for me to generate the right structure in event frame generator.


Is there any chance to force PI to map other event frames to a event frame if their starttime is between start and endtime of the master?

Or is there a complete other way to build up the structure?