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PIML 2012 - data entry question

Question asked by Maja on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by jresnick



Does anyone know if it is possible to configure tour (PIML 2012) in such a manner, if operator wants to skip a tag, it doesn't allow it to happen, as for this particular case, values for all tags are needed to be entered.


We would like to make impossible for the user / operator who is entering data to skip tag and leave empty field and not being able to complete a tour without data for all tags being entered. But not with the warning/messages which would just come up, but still tour could be completed and data sent to PI, as we found that this doesn't really work.


And if this is not possible, then could somehow PIML write, for example, zero to the tag that has been skipped?

I am not sure if above could be achieved with the CMDE (we are using it in lots of tours to skip the tags that it is not necessary to enter data for, however, in this case we would like to achieve opposite).


Thanks in advance