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Eventframes Creation with multiple triggers

Question asked by Srinivas on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by Roger Palmen



I have a status tag with possible values "OPEN-PRODUCING", "OPEN- NOT PRODUCING", "CLOSED" . The requirement is to create an event frame for every change  of the status value. Tried using the multiple triggers while configuring the event creation using the analysis template. Its being noticed that a parent event frame is getting created when multiple triggers are used.


Is there anyway to  suppress or avoid parent event creation?.  All the child events generated are correct and only wanted to have these to be created.


Currently ,I have created a separate event templates for every possible status given above.  But, I wanted to use a single template with multiple triggers to get the same result without a parent event creation.


Enclosed attachment shows parent event along with child events.


Any ideas/suggestions?