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Table Lookup Data References and Time Zones

Question asked by ZArnold1 on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by jking

Just sharing some behavior I found that I can't really explain.  The basic premise is this: I have a String Builder attribute with a time.  I have a TLDR that uses the value of that attribute as the default result should no rows be returned by the query.


I've tried this several different ways.  Here are the different MyTime configurations (in pseudo-JSON).  All the TLDR's are basically the same, using the associated MyTime as a Replacement Value.

CTZ DateTime - MyTime - {ValueType : DateTIme, Configuration : "%EndTime%"}

CTZ String - MyTime - {ValueType : String, Configuration : "%EndTime%"}

UTC DateTime - MyTime - {ValueType : DateTIme, Configuration : "%UTCEndTime:O%"}

UTC String - MyTime - {ValueType : String, Configuration : "%UTCEndTime:O%"}


Below are the values:


In order to get the desired behavior, i.e. have the TLDR return the correct time in local time, I need the input MyTime variable to be a String.  Then it seems the TLDR picks it up and converts it to a DateTime in local time.  I suppose whatever parser is used recognizes the "Zulu Time" formatting and correctly interprets it as a UTC which then needs to be adjusted.  Similarly, the TLDR seems to correctly interpret the input DateTime attributes as local time values, but then outputs UTC time.  Or maybe it requests the attribute values without a time context at all, resulting in a default of UTC?


In any case, this is not the behavior I expected.  I would have expected the TLDR to input the DateTime values as UTC internally and display them by default in the client's time zone.  Any other thoughts explaining this behavior?  Is this a bug or expected?