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    Configuration Management


      Hello Vcampus!


      We have a couple of different systemes in place:


      dcs, matrikon cpm, pi, SAP, comos...


      I like to have a tool which takes care of configuration changes in one, and automatically sends it to the other system.


      For example.


      I ad an new controller on the dcs, and it automatically should create the tags in PI and maybe also the configuration in CPM.


      Does anyone know such solutions ?


      exampes are:


      * http://www.pas.com/Solutions/Automation-Genome-Mapping.aspx





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          Ahmad Fattahi



          As far as I know different combination of the systems you mentioned in your post would require different solutions to propagate and synchronize the changes across. Also, you may want to make sure which system would serve as the system of reference in case there are mismatches to resolve. Do you already have a defined work flow of how changes should move along different systems?


          As for one piece, you can check PI AutoPointSync that synchronizes PI tags with your control system. The product works with a number of OSIsoft Interfaces listed here.

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              Yes i know... but what I need is synchronisation for a lot of sources and sinks, maybe with version management, rules, source is maybe our eng. database.

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                  Asset Synchronization, tag management... very, very important topic! But unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a silver bullet to this problem - all systems speak different languages/protocols and think of assets in a different way. Some need to be the "master" system and some are ok being "slave" systems...


                  Either way we need to discuss this amongst the community and it seems like an in-person meeting would be much more productive than an online, written, discussion. Luckily, OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2011 is just around the corner and there will be great opportunities to discuss this there:

                  • The popular "Vox Pop" sessions from last year are back! For those who are not familiar with the concept, the attendees of the event simply list down and vote for topics, and sessions will be held around the most popular topics (with appropriate staffing from OSIsoft, of course).

                    These are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday at 1:30pm, and you will be invited to vote to make sure we hold at least one session on the topic of asset synchronization and tag management.
                  • We scheduled a couple "roundtable discussion" sessions, and one of these is around PI System Integration (Wednesday at 6pm)... not sure why, but I am under the impression that this topic will come up during that discussion ;)

                  With that said, I really look forward to seeing many of you in San Francisco at the end of the month - and go register now if you haven't done so already!

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                      Asle Frantzen



                      I'm not sure if your dream system here exists. I did work on Comos-to-AF integration last year, where Comos would be the tag master system. But it ended up with not being used.


                      I think the case of integrating different systems like this is often a lot of work, and also require much integration work because different companies use the systems in a slightly different way.


                      So YOU could probably make this work perfectly for YOUR company, if you just put enough hours and money into it :)