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Need help with a 12 month rolling formula

Question asked by jirvine on Jun 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by sraposo

I have a user that is wanting to track a 12 month rolling total. Our current formula is:


TagTot('Accumulated Volume Yesterday', NextEvent('Accumulated Volume Yesterday','*-365d'), '*')


The problem with this formula is this is used on about 40ish elements and when it kicks off the act of calculating the 365 day value slows all our other calculations and event frames way down, line up to an hour behind, and this messes with our other applications using the event frames to start other processes.


What I think the best solution is would be to break the 365 calculation into smaller chunks to calculate first then on the final calculation it's only pulling in the 12 values instead of a years worth of values. It's simple enough to divide the 365/12 and make 12 seperate analyses for it but now my user would like them split up by actual months and that's where I would like to see what you all know. Is there a way I can create 12 using just the month ranges? I know I can use a start time of 08/01 and end time of 08/31 but that only works for the current year. So if this calculation runs in July it doesn't return any data for August. We want to keep totals for the previous 12 months.



Hopefully I've explained this well enough.