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Missing PIPoint data from PI server collective

Question asked by PerErikGransøe on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2017 by PerErikGransøe

Hi all,


I'm working on an C# console application for collecting PIPoint data from a PI server collective, and then sending the data to a web service. I'm using the latest AF SDK and the console application is running as a windows service using TopShelf. From the server on which my application is running, I can find the PI server collective like so:


Server = PIServers.DefaultPIServer;


And then connect to the server using a NetworkCredential object and the PIUserAuthentication authentication mode. So, I'm not specifying AFConnectionPreference.


When I have successfully connected to the PI server collective, I'm finding PIPoints using the FindPIPointsAsync method on the PIPoint class. The list of PIPoints is then used to initialize a PIPointList object. Lastly, I'm reading the PIPoint data using the RecordedValues method on the PIPointList object with timeRange = 5 second timespan, boundaryType = Inside, filterExpression = null, includeFilteredValues = false, pagingConfig = { pageType = TagCount, pageSize = 1000 }, and maxCount = 0.

When the application have read the 5 second timespan, and successfully delivered the data to a consumer, it will progress to the subsequent 5 second timespan.


This seems to be working as I expect. And the application have been deployed as a windows service on the server from which it can reach the PI server collective. But, after a while (a day or so) the application is no longer receiving any PIPoint data via the RecordedValues method. Then, I added some more logging to the application, configured it to start reading data from the timestamp where it stopped receiving data before, and re-deployed the application to the server. But this time I did receive data from the timestamp where i didn't before.

I'm not seeing any exceptions in my application and it does not seem to be disconnected at any point.


So, my question is, what could be the cause of the missing PIPoint data? Could it be a problem with the PI server collective, where a particular collective member does not have data in some timespan, but other members does? Or, is there any configuration I have made, which could cause this problem?


I hope that someone can shed some light on whats going on here. Thanks in advance