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Processbook AF Display Builder - Change AF Server and Database Name

Question asked by Lorenzo.vento on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by Lorenzo.vento

Hi everybody

I have several Processbook displays build up with the AF Display Builder Tool. Due to the customer server configuration (Development, Qualification and Productive Servers), I need to change the Server and Database Name linked by the Processbook Displays.

I read a lot of article on the internet and it seems, that the best ways is to export the display as .SVG file and edit it with a text editor. This Procedure works fine with every linked PI Tag or Attribute.

However, if a symbol of the display is attached to a template or to an element, the .SVG will contain the related ID of the element, in order to guarante al the AF Display Builder functionality. Opening the modified .SVG in Processbook will generate an error message due to the wrong ID, as in the new server the ID is different.

As solution I tried to ungroup and group again the symbol attached to the element. The symbol, as well as the .SVG, will lose the ID reference to the element and the modification of the .SVG file works fine! However the display will lose the Update Symbol functionality of the Display Builder (due to the absence of ID reference), which is really useful for future update.


Did someone find a better way to change Server and Database name of Processbook display build up with AF Display Builder??


Best regards,


Lorenzo Vento