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PI ProcessBook ERD in PI Coresight

Question asked by Brian.Heritage on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by JaisonRodrigues

I built a PI ProcessBook ERD for a client and was asked to upload it to PI Coresight.  We are using PI Coresight 2016 R2.  To be honest, I've rarely used PI Coresight so I was very surprised to see my list of Elements of Interest that existed in my PI ProcessBook display disappear.  After reading through the install guide for PI Coresight I discovered that to get the display to work in PI Coresight, up must call the display with the additional ?CurrentElement and path to the element appended to the URL.  So, I know I can create a ProcessBook display that can have buttons set up to perform the function of calling other ProcessBook displays.  Here's my question: Is the same function available in Coresight?  Can I create a Coresignt display that has a number of buttons, each of which calls another Coresight display with the appropriate ?CurrentElement and path for each element?