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Database stopped taking new data.  Everything seems to be running. What should I be checking?

Question asked by Ahlywog on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by Ahlywog

We have a single computer running CSI LoggerNet to collect data from 30+ weather stations every 15 minutes.  A CSI LoggerNet Interface takes the data and pushes it into the database.


As of 10:30am on 5/30 we stopped getting new data.  This happens all the time, the LoggerNet computer is kind of sketchy.  Restarting the interface service has solved the problem every time before.  Restarting it this time worked long enough for the interface to push another day and a half worth of data into the database (the data loggers on the weather stations maintain a month of past data in case the LoggerNet computer fails) and then stopped again.  Restarting the services isn't fixing the problem this time.


Outside of simply restarting the LoggerNet computer (again, sketchy), what steps do I need to take to troubleshoot this?