Referencing the Target in a PI-WebParts trend within a Notification's Message

Discussion created by AlejandraLanier on Nov 1, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2011 by Ahmad Fattahi

Good morning all:




I have created a PI-WebParts trend in a Notification Template Message.  The Notification Template, of course, will use the data (Target) from the Element in which the Notification points to.  However, I cannot find what syntax to use to reference that value in the WebPart trend.  These are the steps I took:  1)  In the Template; in Message tab, I created a Link; Add WebLink, PI-WebParts.  2)  Right Click Edit, I set 3 parameters, 2 for start and end time, and 1 for the 3 PI point values I want to see.  This is where I think I "should" be able to reference the Target:Name instead of telling it what the name of the element is.  Something like: \\Server1\Database1\[Target:Name]|TagName1\\Server1\Database1\[Target:Name]|TagName2\\Server1\Database1\[Target:Name]|TagName23; I can only get it to work if I "hard code" the Element name.....\\Server1\Database1\Element1|TagName1\\Server1\Database1\Element1|TagName2\\Server1\Database1\Element1|TagName3.


Thanks for your help.