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Rollup Analysis Count Occurances

Question asked by ksward on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by sraposo

I have a solution to this problem, but wanted to see if anyone else has ran into this and what they did to solve it.


My AF architecture is designed in a Parent/Child structure, many Parents with any number of children of various types under them.  I am doing a capacity ratio at the Parent level of a specific Child type that has a unique Category assigned to them.  Using the Rollup analysis we need to count the number of Children with that Category set and then output that number to an attribute, after that an equation will divide an overall capacity by that count, thus provide capacity ratio.


Problem is that the Count function within the Rollup Analysis does not operate as anticipated.


The solution as it stands is to create an attribute within the Child Element with an assigned value of 1, then perform the Rollup Count against that attribute.


Not very efficient.........