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Scan Classes & Documentation on AF templates

Question asked by FranciscoFueyo on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by kholstein

Hi Joseph,


I would like to discuss about two topics. First of all, the course videos are very well made and helped me underestanding a lot of things about PI.


The first question is about Scan Classes. The final project ask for using different Scan Classes for each pump, even if each scan class has the same scan frequency. I understand that this is an excercise, but it talks about load balancing in the PI interfaces. Is there an optimal distribution of scan clases in an interface instance? A scan class can be overloaded?


The last one is about using AF templates and configuring them to auto reference pi points from the server, as shown in the video "Create PI Points in PI System Explorer using AF Templates".

Is there any documentation that explains this in a more detailed way?, I mean, I get that in every attribute template a syntax is used for referencing the tags coming from the interface to create the PI points, but this is confusing.
For example, creating the "BearingTemp" attribute, the instrument tag is set to "%..\Element%/%Element%/%Attribute%" because later, when creating the asset, the name will be "Pump1", and that will be the same as the name in the OPC Server, and the attribute will also have the same name, "BearingTemp".

In the OPC Server the tag name is: Sample Process/Pump1/BearingTemp


I underestand this, but the OPC Server should be organized like in the AF structure, and I think this is not usual. If this is not the case, what procedure should I follow to assing the PI points to the assets? One by one?


Thanks in advance for your time.
Francisco Fueyo