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    Using discussion forum & Question on exercise 1


      First of all, I would like to post a general question about exercises: when I add a comment to, for example, exercise 1, everybody can see my answer or just only the facilitator (Joseph Nivert)?

      Second question: specifically about exercise 1, I think I have the solution, but in my case (using my own PI Server) there are only 2 archived values during the last hour. Could it be correct? In fact, in the last 10 hours, there are only 8 archived values.

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          Anything you post in PI Square will be visible to everyone, not just the facilitator Joseph Nivert. If you'd like to share something privately, you can message him or e-mail him directly at jnivert@osisoft.com


          Having that few values is definitely possible; it all depends on how often you're collecting data for that point, as well as how restrictive the exception and compression settings are. Essentially, compression will reduce the number of data points stored to the minimum required to still reflect the data within a certain tolerance. Thus, if you collected dozens of points that perfectly fit a linear trend, you would only need the two endpoints to be able to reproduce the values, instead of every data point. The image in this description of compression may help illustrate this.