Does a PI Notifications "Builder" exist?

Discussion created by AlejandraLanier on Nov 2, 2011
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I have been looking around to see what the best way would be to automate the creation of complex notifications in AF.  AF Builder in Excel has allowed me to create a hierarchy of element attributes, and greatly automate the process.  I use VBA macros to create hundreds of inputs, and then easily export to AF.  Can such a thing be done for Notifications?  Doing this via .xml is not exactly easy for complex notifications, so I would rule that out.  I think there is a way with VB, as per some information in a file I found...PI Notifications Programmer's Guide.chm.  But before I embark on that project, does anyone have any better ideas for me?


If VB is my only option, is there a User's Guide to better help me?


Thanks !