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    Where I can get more information about annotations?


      I have finished going through the Archiving section and love the ability to apply the lessons on a VM where nothing can "break". One of the Archive videos mentioned the ability to make annotations to the archives. It piqued my interest as I can envision it as a useful tool as many times the process control group gets questions regarding data gaps, spikes, or sudden rate shifts and having the ability to make notations would mean the research gets done once instead of multiple times. Can you guide me to a KB article or other document where I can get more information about annotations?

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          There are several places where you can enter or view annotations -

          1. PI Datalink:

                a. In Excel, go to PI menu and select "Compressed Data"

                b. Set up the searching criteria (PI server, tagnames, start time and end time, etc.)

                c. Check "show annotations".


          2. PI Processbook:

                a. go to "Tools" then "Preferences..."

                b. click "Start" tab at the top.

                c. make sure "Show Value Attributes" is checked then click "Ok".

                d. the annotations are shown automatically in the trend object. The data points with annotations are marked by a small icon like document at the top of the trend. When you mouse over it, you can see the annotation.


          3. PI Manual Logger


          4. PI-SDK - a small program could be written.  You can download an example from OSIsoft tech support web site.  https://techsupport.osisoft.com/Downloads/File/b5c46dde-2426-4fc7-8e81-24a3abc7ba4b 


          Users entering annotations will have to have read/write access to the particular PI points.

          To get started, here is a KB article:  KB00961 - Annotations in End-users Tools (i.e. Tools without Programming). 

          For example, in PI ProcessBook - Add Annotations:

          1.      Open the Details window

          2.      In Run mode, select a dynamic symbol on your display.

          3.      Select the event of interest in the Data table.

          4.      Click inside the Value text box and enter the information you wish displayed in your annotation.

          5.      Select a value from the Value Type drop-down box.

          6.      Click the Save button    at the top of the PI Annotations Maintenance group. An annotation icon appears on the dynamic symbol if it is showing the annotated event

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