Re: Exercise 1: where do I find the compression setting? Exercise 2: "Shutdown" values

Discussion created by chuck on Aug 17, 2016

Hi Scott.  lots of questions.  keep them coming!


The current value shown in the archive editor of PI SMT is actually the snapshot value, which hasn't reached the archive yet.  Depending on compression settings, the snapshot value may or may not get archived.  Here is a video with more information about how Exception Reporting and Data Compression work.  OSIsoft: Exception and Compression Quick Summary - YouTube.  If you like to dive deeper, we have another video @ YouTube with fuller discussion.  Go to, then search for "OSIsoft Learning Channel", then search for "exception and compression details".


Shutdown events are enabled by an attribute of each PI Point.  When Shutdown is enabled, stopping or restarting the PI data archive server causes recording of a system status, a digital state, called "Shutdown".  this can happen even if the point is something like an OPC point and the OPC interface is on a separate data collector node and even if the data collector node has buffering enabled.  Something to think about when editing points and installing interfaces - Where does the data originate and does a restart or outage of the PI data archive server result in data loss?  If restart of the PI data archive server results in data loss, then enable the shutdown attribute (set to 1) of affected PI points.  If the PI points originate from nodes other than the PI data archive server and the interface to PI is taking advantage of buffering, then the point attribute Shutdown should be set to disabled (0).