Re: Exercise 1: where do I find the compression setting? Exercise 2: "Shutdown" values

Discussion created by chuck on Aug 17, 2016

Scott noticed that the PI Analysis Management Service did not stop when he stopped his PI system.  He asked if this was by design.  The answer is yes and then again no.  I'll explain.


AF Analysis is an optional component of the AF server.  Since it is optional, we don't always automatically start and stop it, at least not from the PI Start and PI Stop scripts.  As an optional component, the PI administrator should add commands to the site specific start and stop scripts when optional features are installed or started on the PI data archive server.  This would include interfaces to PI, like the PI PerfMon interface or the PI Ping interface.


From the exercise, you learned PI\adm\pisrvstart.bat is the script to restart PI data archive.  PI\adm\pisrvstop.bat is the script to stop the PI data archive.  However, these are considered system files and we aren't supposed to edit them.  Instead, the PI system provides two separate files which are considered customizable and those files are where you may make edits, additions, and so on.  The customizable files are called by the system files.  The customizable files are called PISrvSiteStart.bat (called during restart of PI data archive) and PISrvSiteStop.bat (called during shutdown of PI data archive).  Commands should have been added to the customizable files by the PI admin when PI AF Analytics were installed.


Great catch Scott.


Note:  our learning environ is a little non-standard in that it is not normal practice to place PI AF server on the same computer as PI data archive server.  Usually PI AF server (and optional items like Notifications, Analytics) are installed on the separate PI AF server.  In that case stopping and starting Windows automatically stops and restarts the PI AF server and any optional components.