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Creating PiPoints in PI System Explorer

Question asked by ssmith on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by chuck

Creating PiPoints in PI System Explorer - I know we simplify the material for the class, but when the class created the PIPoints in system explorer he used the substitution naming the AF Elements and Attributes the exact same name as the ITEM ID in the OPC Server.  In the real world the naming convention of the ITEM ID in the OPC will be more cryptic and the value of AF is to convert to more of a human language then machine language.  So %Element% or %attribute% will not work if the item id is HST.PROD1.PMP1.PRESS.PV.  We would define elements called Houston\Production Line 1\Pump_#\Pressure\. - How would we make a substitution template to handle this conversion to human language?  I know you can not fully answer this as it is not the focus of the class, but a general direction would be nice.