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    Configuring PI PerfMon interface


      I am working on interfaces and was hoping to configure Perfmon as a second interface on the system and use the installation guide.  A few questions.

      1.  It comes installed with the Data Archive (assumption) as it was there for me to configure correct?

      2.  Interface ID should be changed to 2 since we used 1 for OPCDA (or is the number sequence something different)

      3.  Where is the Digital State CSV to import for Perfmon it is not located in the same directory as the installation guide defines.

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          Hi Scott


          1. PI PerfMon interface - is already installed on the PI data archive server and we intended you to use it there.
          2. Interface ID can be 1.  Interface ID needs to be unique per point source, not per PI System.  We recommend taking advantage of multi-character point sources, making for virtually unlimited point source names.  In such case, you might not ever have two instances of the same interface with same point source.  It would follow then that interface ID would always be 1.
          3. While the interface appears to support failover (per documentation) I've never installed one that way.  Sort of like this - if the node you are monitoring fails, there is no point failing over to another node to monitor the now failed node. 
            1. The  file does indeed appear to be missing.  I'll submit a tech support case.  thanks for spotting this.
            2. You can "borrow" the file needed from your PIInt1 node - the states will be the same for any UniInt failover interface