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    Exercise 1


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          EXERCISE 1 - Look up historical values, stale and bad PI points

          Task 1: Look up current and historical values

          In this exercise I used the virtual machine to access PISERVI and then the PI System management tools, to find the file containing "DEP" I located the folder containing Data - Current Value and click on Tag Search. I find the tag with the following Tag Mask:

          CDEP158 - Light Naphtha End Point


          I Click the bottom start updating to observe the update of the values of this item.

          Task 1:Then, determine its current value, as well as the first 5 archived values that occurred starting 1 hour ago.

          The current value is 151, as well as the 5 First archived values such can be observed in Figure below:


             Could you give me your feedback about this exercise?


          exercise 1.png

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              Hey Thassio,


              Looks good! This is correct for Task 1: Look Up Current and Historical Values.


              Let me know if you have any problems with Task 2: Troubleshoot Stale and Bad PI Points