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    Asset Maintenance Strategies in Your Organization


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          We utilize a combination of:

          • Reactive Maintenance.  This category is assigned to small/non critical equipment with low replacement cost vs maintenance costs that also has minimal production impact
          • Clock based Maintenance.  This is typically performed on small/medium sized equipment that has a production impact but the impact is mitigated (through redundancy in most cases).  This is also utilized on new equipment where limited corporate operating experiences is available or vendor instrumentation is limited.
          • We utilize condition based maintenance for all critical/high cost equipment.  This utilizes a combination of manual readings, automated readings, manual analysis and automated analysis.
          • We are in the process of deploying a new OSI architecture and will be moving towards Predictive Maintenance on all critical equipment, and condition based maintenance on all other equipment.
          • We have the threshold/limits and other contextual information available through a number of different systems (CMMS for nameplate information, INTOOLS for limits, Data sheets for Process information) currently. As part of our new PI system deployment most of this information will be consolidated within the PI system once the deployment is completed.
          • Currently a selection of our Production information is stored in PI and is available to the Operations/Production teams.  Our new PI system deployment will capture all of our sensor data and also connect to our CMMS and other systems. The new system will be available to Maintenance/Operations/Production/Discipline specialists/Management through the various end user tools.
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            We currently use a combination of time based (hourly, weekly, monthly, etc.); predictive maintenance, and condition based maintenance.


            • Are thresholds and limits for your equipment readily known or available in your organization? Yes, the thresholds and limits are known and readily available to the appropriate personnel.
            • Do you have other contextual information (non-process data) associated with your equipment (nameplate information, where an asset is located, how it’s involved in a process, etc.)  We do not have the contextual information entered yet.
            • Are these values stored in your PI System? And if so, who can access to this information?  This information still needs to be loaded into the Asset Framework.