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PI connector for OPC UA v1.0.0.46

Question asked by timtilburgs on Jun 15, 2017



Is it possible to start a none secured connection to an OPC UA Data Source via the PI connector for OPC UA.

The message log shows the next error

Severity: Error

Timestamp: 06/15/2017 11:16:45.946

Message: [Cream2_Bundler] Connection failed. Please verify that the connector's certificate is trusted by the server. Error BadSecurityChecksFailed: Security was requested but the server does not have any secure endpoints.


So this means that the PI connecotr for OPC UA forces a secured connection.  I wan't to initiate a non secured connection.


I can connect via the UaExpert tool to the OPC UA Server but it's not possible via the PI connector for OPC UA.