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Changing the path of failover files for PI to PI interface

Question asked by 529931 on Jun 20, 2017
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Hello All,

We have few PI to PI interfaces configured on failover mode. The interfaces are configured on the AF servers, with the failover file currently placed on a utility machine. As the utility machine is going to be decommissioned, we have to migrate the failover files to another machine. We are planning to place the failover files on a drive in the PI server now. The drive is accessible from both the AF server machines.


My understanding is that, is not required to copy the failover files from old path to new path, as changing the synchronisation path in ICU and restarting the interface will automatically create a new file in the path specified. Please confirm.


Also please let us know the steps involved or things to be taken care while performing the change.

Thanks in advance.