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    Set analysis output timestamp


      Hello. I want to set the output timestamp of an analysis. The example is that I have a digital tag and when it becomes 1 I will set one of two states to another tag. If the tag remains 1 for more than 25 sec I will set State1, if less State2. The State should have the same timestamp as the input tag.



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          Kenji Hashimoto

          For setting analysis output timestamp, the only options are "Trigger Time" or "Execution Time" or "Relative to Trigger Time" (Click "Advanced..." button)

          In your case, you need to wait 25 or more seconds to check the state will be "state1" or "state2". So it seems like difficult to achieve.

          You can create AFSDK custom application (Require PSA license for product environment) or PI ACE to write events with flexible timestamp.

          Also remember that PI ACE only supports Visual Studio 2013 or older.

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