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Conditional display of items in Element Relative ProcessBook Display

Question asked by Devin on Jun 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2017 by jru

Hello All,


I am new to ProcessBook and am working on some displays. I have a element Relative Display for some sewer flow monitors. I have two tags, Comm_Fail & Surcharge, which only apply to a handful of the elements, but not all. I want the information to display if the particular element has those tags and not to display if the element doesn't. I also want a further condition for the comm_fail to only display if there is indeed a communication failure. Here is a screenshot.


When I select an element that doesn't have those tags you can see the results above - "No Data". It is also my intention to make these displays available in Pi Vision, so whatever method used to accomplish this, I want to make sure it won't break Pi Vision. Overall, I guess my question is how do you use conditional logic to control the display of items in ProcessBooks? Thanks.