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Is it necessary to change name from CoreSightDB to Vision?

Question asked by Paurav Joshi Champion on Jun 21, 2017

Hello All,


Upgraded my CoreSight 2016 R2 to Vision 2017. According to installation guide, we should name new database to Vision, and I am assuming this is applicable only for fresh installation of Vision, different than upgrade.

I am yet to change name of my database, and in configuration admin panel everything is green marked. Custom symbol registration is pending.


I have few doubts as of now:

  1. Is it necessary to change the name of database to Vision? If yes, then should we do that using PI Vision Display Utility?
  2. I can see only processbook screens on Vision. Can somebody guide me how to see CoreSight screens made with earlier version (i.e. 2016 R2) and having custom symbol in it?



Paurav Joshi


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