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PI-UFL Connector and SAP

Question asked by VCampus-METCO on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by VCampus-METCO

I see that AF now supports a SOAP/REST delivery channel that can be used to send data to SAP.


However, to get information from SAP, e.g. work order counts, my understanding is that the UFL connector could be used to achieve this.


I have previously implemented a SOAP/Web-Service client to get such information from SAP. This required the SAP team to enable web-services  and provide the endpoints to generate notifications and measurement documents, and return work order information. However UFL does not appear to support SOAP, so I would need to use a script to do the query and then pass the resulting XML to the UFL connector right?


I was not aware that SAP may also now support REST. Is this a standard module within SAP that just needs to be enabled?


I don't think the integrator for SAP HANA will help. This appears to make data from Pi available in SAP, and I want some data to flow the other way.


If we can use UFL Connector for this use case it will save a lot of development time for us. Has anyone used it for this purpose?