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    Event Frame acknowledge question



      I have a question on how the acknowledge feature works with respect to the event frame duration. I have looked into the PSE user manual and it describes how to acknowledge so I'm ok there. What I would like is a user to be able to acknowledge the event, and from my test this will stop the e-mails from getting sent.

      I need a way to configure a timeframe that will trigger another e-mail if the event frame is still active after after the acknowledge. I hope I'm missing something obvious but the parameter "Non-Repetition Interval" does not give me that action.




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          Mike Zboray

          So this is with Notifications? There isn't anything like that.

          Non-repetition interval is about suppressing sends for similar events that occur within the interval. It does not interact with acknowledgement. If an event frame is still active when the interval expires, then it will send to subscribers at that point.