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Copy notifications in PSE 2016 R2

Question asked by SaraFranco on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by NWatanabe



I am new using system explorer 2016 R2 and I need some help.


Within my AF I have created a tree in which most of the elements are different from each other, and some elements, even though they are equal, have more, less or different attributes loaded. For example fan 1 has temperature, vibration and speed, but fan 2 has temperature, vibration, pressure and flow. (Each with a different analysis.)


My problem is that it is necessary to make a notification for each attribute of the elements of my tree (about 100), and it is a problem to configure each one the same subject, message and subscribers.


Therefore I wanted to make a general notification with this information preloaded and assign it to the different attributes of the elements for the sending, changing only the attribute and the analysis to which they would be referenced. Or at least be able to copy and paste the notification to different attributes, I do not know if I explained well and if there is a solution that fits my problem (other than using a template for what I explained in the first paragraph).



Greetings and thanks in advance